Exhibitions in the Basilica


Museo della Follia

by Vittorio Sgarbi

The new, eagerly awaited edition of the “Museum of Madness” arrives in Naples, in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the exhibition called “Museo della Follia. From Goya to Maradona”.

The traveling exhibition – developed  by Vittorio Sgarbi, realized by Cesare Inzerillo, Giovanni Lettini, Stefano Morelli and Sara Pallavicini unfolds in a heterogeneous path of over 200 works including paintings, photographs, sculptures, objects and multimedia installations on the theme of madness. 

Exhibitions in the Crypt


The secrets of Pietrasanta

by Phantasya s.r.l.

A multimedia path unfolds in the crypt and in the undergrounds of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. 

The interactive journey will link the events of Pietrasanta with the history of the city; visitors will descend into the Neapolitan underground and pass through the ancient rooms located under the Basilica, to explore an underground path that represents the millennial history of the city, from the Greek walls to the Roman era and witness the story of the site as a refuge from the bombings of the second world war.


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