President: Lucio Carlevalis

Artistic director: Antonio Spagnolo

The roots of the polyphonic experience of the founding nucleus of the Vocal Ensemble date back to the Montesanto Folk Music School and to the Corale di Montedidio (1981 and 1982). t is in fact in a basement of this street, with Lucien Bass, French musician and then first director of the Ensemble, where a group of young people begins to regularly rehearse (musicians, students, professionals, and those waiting to decide their own future…) united by the passion for choral singing.

 The Vocal Ensemble appeared, in September 1983, when the group’s passion and interest in vocal polyphony and the desire for a deeper and more structured study matured. Since September 1984, on the occasion of the participation in the theatrical kermesse Le stanze del Castello a Castel dell’Ovo (where they performed Sederunt of Perotinus), the group asks Antonio Spagnolo to take over the management. From this moment the artistic growth of the Ensemble and that of its director will proceed together.


In 1985 the group formed a cultural association and began the path that led it in two decades towards the realization of its project: study and deepen with professional commitment and care the technical and philological aspects of the vast and multiform material of that particular  expressive form which is the vocal polyphonic music. 

The first important starting point in this direction came from the participation in the conference “Music in Naples during the ‘600” in 1985. From here the fruitful collaboration with the Ass. A. Scarlettatti who has accompanied the Ensemble’s path (participation in the Scarlatti concert season begins in 1986 and continues in the years ’96 -’98-’99-2000-’02-’03-’04-’05) .  

In those years the collaboration with M. ° Roberto De Simone was born with the participation in the Carmina Vivianea in 1986 and 1987. The first presence in the concert season of the RAI of Naples was in 1987 (radio broadcast of the Trois chansons of M. Ravel) that it will be repeated in 1990 and 1991.

In 1990 the Ensemble took part in the staging produced by the Mozart’s International Music Weeks, with the direction of S.Accardo and the direction of G.Battiato. This first period also includes collaborations with public institutions such as the Federico II University (Faculty of Architecture and of Letters and Philosophy) and with other cultural institutes.

Today, under the direction of Lucio Carlevalis, the Vocal Ensemble of Naples is a reference point for all musicians and music lovers.