The Pietrasanta Polo Culturale ONLUS Association

The Pietrasanta Polo Culturale Association was founded in 2011, by Raffaele Iovine, the current president, and became a non-profit organization (ONLUS) in 2018.  The goal of the association is to make Pietrasanta the focal point of the great tourist flow, which is increasingly attracted to the ancient times of Naples, between myth and traditions.

Thanks to the redevelopment project of the monument, a loan contract from the Diocese of Naples concerning the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore was obtained in 2011, and the complex was recognized as a site of historical and cultural interest, a determining factor for the entrance of the Basilica in the plan for the enhancement of Unesco sites.

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Interview with
Raffaele Iovine

The Complex before and after

A small preview on the restoration and enhancement of the complex realized thanks to the activities of the Pietrasanta Polo Culturale ONLUS Association.